Scientific background


Plant Physiology


- N-Metabolism

roots of spruce seedlings in ammonium medium : acidifcation in the entire rhizosphere

... in nitrate medium: acidification only around the root tips, alkalinization around older parts

heavy metal
- Stress Physiology
inhibition of nitrate uptake by NaCl
effects of flooding on eucalypt seedlings in the greenhouse
drought damages in horse chestnut (left) and poplars in the dry summer 2003
effects of Cu in the soil on GSH and Cu in leaves
- Cytology / Anatomy
cross section through a Ricinus stem
- Cell and Plant Culture
sterile cultivated spruce seedlings
- Long Distance Transport in Xylem and Phloem

collecting xylem sap from "pressurized" Ricinus

collecting phloem bleeding sap from Ricinus

- Phytohormones
flow models for ABA in nitrate- (left) and ammonium-fed Ricinus plants
Plant Nutrition

Ricinus roots after low (left) or high (right) nitrogen supply

control and chlorotic vine leaves

Environmental Pollution

forest damages in high altitude regions of Harz mountains North Germany

effects of heavy metal contaminated water on vegetation in Russia


potted grapevines in a vineyard in Franconia, North Bavaria, Germany

collecting xylem sap simultanously from different leaf levels in grapevine

Biological Safety Research / Transgenic Plants

plantations of transgenic poplars covered with a net before leaf fall


Detoxification of heavy metal ions in plant cells by phytochelatines and sequestration as well as of organic pollutants by glutathione S-transferases and degradation of the reaction products including sequestration

Physiological mechanism for resistance against pollutants and targets for enhanced performance in phytoremediation

Forest Science




Design of experiments, Analysis of variance, correlation, regression, cluster, discrimination and time series




Masters Thesis

"Untersuchungen zur Trennung membranöser Zellbestandteile von Chlorella sorokinia unter Berücksichtigung der Anzucht im Stickstoffmangel und anschließender Erholung"

Investigations on the separation of membranous compounds of Chlorella sorokiniana under conditions of nitrogen starvation and recovery


PhD. Thesis

"Der Effekt von Schwefeldioxid-, Ozon- und Stickstoffdioxid-Begasung auf den Stickstoffmetabolismus steril kultivierter Fichtenkeimlinge (Picea abies (L.) Karst.)"

The effect of sulfur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide fumigation on the nitrogen metabolism in sterile cultivated spruce seedlings (Picea abies (L.) KARST.)

Spruce seedlings in a hydroponic cultivation pot. The rhizosphere of the seedlings was separated gastight from the shoot.
NO2 fumigation system at the University of Groningen / NL


Forschungsverbund "Nachwachsende Rohstoffe / Erzeugung und Konversion von Lignocellulose"

renewable resources / prodcution and conversion of lignocellulose

Balsam poplar (Populus trichocarpa) cuttings grown with nitrate, a mixture of both or ammonium as N-source


SFB 251 "Ökologie, Physiologie und Biochemie pflanzlicher und tierischer Leistung unter Streß"

Modelling of element and ion flows in Ricinus

quantified parameters in flow models
Ricinus communis L. in quartz sand culture in pots of 4L volume
general N-flow model
xylem sap collection by applying pneumatic pressure to the rhizosphere

Nitrate uptake in barley

Nitrate uptake was measured with a computer-controlled HPLC-system including a valve/pump arrangement
seven or fifteen hydroponic plastic pots (0.5 or 1.0 dm 3) were placed in a plexi-glass cuvette which was used as a growth chamber during the uptake experiments


„Streßsensivität von Ökotypen der Buche“ (PEF)

Drought stress tolerance of beech ecotypes

testing the drought tolerance of different German beech ecotypes in the greenhouse


Forschungsverbund „ Spezifische Umweltwirkungen transgener Gehölze“ (BMBF)

„Phytosanierung von Schwermetallen in Böden mit Hilfe gentechnisch veränderter Pappeln: Stabilität des Transgens und Einfluss auf die Rhizoflora“

"Phytoremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals by transgenic poplars"

„Sicherheitsforschung und Monitoring“ im Programm der Bundesregierung “Biotechnologie 2000”

poplar plantations for the purpose of heavy metal phytoremediation in industrial areas in Germany (left) and Russia (right)


Mid-rotation diagnosis and management options for correction of water and nutrient deficiencies in plantation-grown eucalypts

plantations of euclaypts in Western Australia
phloem bleeding after cutting in plantation trees
potted eucalypts in the greenhouse
collecting phloem sap from young eucalypts


In vivo NMRimaging on intact plant and tree systems: water transport processes in phloem and xylem

Ricinus plant prepared for NMRi
the plant in a low field imager
flow velocity map with basipetal phloem (red/yellow) and acropetal xylem (blue/green) flow
H-NMR-imaging of plant stems: Amplitude(left), 1/T2 (middle), and T2 (right)


CarboZALF - the carbon dynamics of arable landscapes in North-East Germany


Climate variability and landscape dynamics in Southeast-Tibet and the eastern Himalaya during the Late Holocene reconstructed from tree rings, soils and climate modelling (CLASH)

Tracing carbon and oxygen isotope signals from newly assimilated sugars in the leaves to the tree-ring archive - From a mechanistic understanding of isotope fractionation processes to climate reconstruction



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